Here I'd like to introduce you to my services.

My main service is translating English or American fiction or non-fiction books into German.

My Credo:

Naturally, a fiction text has to be written in especially flowing language while a non-fiction book has to convey the exact content, but the nuances of a narrative text should find their equivalents in the target language as well, and the non-fiction book should read well, too. In short:

The new version ought to evoke exactly the same thoughts and feelings in the reader of the target language as it does in the reader of the original book and it should read as well as the original text.

In addition to books, I have translated movie dialogue and the text for a documentary. Proofreading and editing of manuscripts and other texts are part of my service as well.

Company brochures, documents for international companies, letters, any kind of general-language texts as well as texts with medical, biological, philosophical, psychological, pedagogical, linguistic, philological and theological background are among the texts I work on.